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WVCI is the manufacturing section of the Division of Corrections, West Virginia’s adult correctional system.

WVCI is the supplier of goods and services to State agencies, county school systems, and political sub-divisions.

WVCI is self-supporting through its revenues from sales. WVCI not only supplies quality products and services to governmental agencies at competitive prices, but also provides correctional programming for hundreds of incarcerated men and women at little cost to West Virginia’s taxpayers.

WVCI supplies many of the needs of the correctional system (such as furniture, clothing, janitorial supplies, printing, and linens), reducing the taxpayer’s costs for operating the State’s prisons.

WVCI is a correctional program: industrial production teaches good work habits and skills to men and women who typically have no prior meaningful employment experience and who, once released, will need legitimate work. Correctional Industries contributes to higher post-release employment success and lowers recidivism (return to prison) rates.

WVCI is part and parcel of the management and control of West Virginia’s ever increasing prison population: Correctional Industries represents a major tool for eliminating idleness, a leading cause of disruptiveness and violence behind prison walls.

WVCI is a large-scale purchaser of goods and services, supporting many businesses in small and large communities throughout the State.

WVCI replicates outside working world conditions. Inmates working for Correctional Industries typically work 7 hours per day, five days per week. In extraordinary circumstances, overtime may be authorized to meet deadlines. Again to replicate outside realities, Correctional Industries inmate workers are required to either have a high school diploma or to be making progress toward earning an equivalency diploma.


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