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Can I purchase from WVCI?

WVCI may sell products and services only to qualified customers, as defined in the WV State Code. Those customers include governmental agencies of the state and any subdivision of the state, non-profit or charitable agencies chartered in West Virginia, all entities which contract with any of the preceding agencies when products are used in the performance of their contracts. WVCI cannot sell to the general public and will not sell products for resale.

Do you share my personal data with anyone else?

WVCI is a state agency that has no affiliation with any commercial entity for the purpose of sharing customer information. Your information will be retained by WVCI only for the purpose of serving you better and will not be shared with any other entity.

How do I log in?

You will not be asked to log in until you have shopped, placed things in your cart, and proceed to the checkout process. Here you will need to create an account on our secure pages to complete your order.

How do I navigate the web site?

The top first menu is to navigate through the pages of the site to give you information about our company. The bottom menu is a category menu that will guide you quickly and easily through our online store to get you right to the area of interest.

How do you secure my personal data?

We employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt the information you give us. When you are on a secure page you will see a closed lock and your address will turn from http: to https: in your browser status bar that will indicate your information has been protected. It is important for you to close your browser when you have completed your transactions on our site.

How secure is my credit card information?

The WVCI website does not retain your entire credit card number; only the last four digits of your number will be retained for the purpose of confirming an order. The complete number is captured only for direct secure transmittal to our banking agency for validation and for charging your account. It is not viewable by anyone within our organization.

If I register on your site, how will my information be used?

We receive and store information you give us so we can better serve you by responding to your requests for information, by customizing shopping for you and for communicating with you. We transfer cookies (alphanumeric identifiers) to your hard drive so we can recognize your browser. These cookies allow us to customize your shopping experience and allow retention of your shopping cart between visits. If you turn off cookies in your computer we will not be able to provide those features.

What are my order options?

You may place your order online at, in person at the WVCI Showroom, by sending your request to us via facsimile or email, by mailing in your order, or by calling your Sales Representative. If you prefer, our Sales Representatives will gladly visit your office. WVCI does not charge any design charges. Some installation charges may be charged depending on the volume of furniture to be installed.

What are my payment options?

The payment may be via credit card on line, via credit card after you receive order and invoice, by IGT or by check.

What is the WVCI statewide contract number?

With the exception of one contract, TAG10, for inventory tags or other types of decal stickers, WVCI does not have a statewide contract number. If you represent a state agency, you must purchase from WVCI based upon the State Use Law in §25-7-5. Purchase of inmate-made goods by state agencies. However, in particular circumstances, agencies may request a waiver to purchase from another source. See “exemption” question below for details.

Why do I need an exemption so I can purchase from another source?

The State Use Law specifically requires all agencies to purchase WVCI products and services. Exceptions from the mandatory purchase provisions of section five of this article may be granted when a correctional industries article or product does not meet the reasonable requirements of the requesting state office, department, institution or agency, or when the requisition cannot be fulfilled because of insufficient supply or other reason. No state office, department, institution or agency may evade the requirements of section five of this article, or of this section, making insubstantial variations from the characteristics of correctional industries products or articles. If correctional industries articles or products reasonably meet the actual needs of the office, department, institution or agency, no exception shall be granted under this section.

Why does it take so long for my product to be shipped?

WVCI is primarily a manufacturing organization. Products are manufactured to meet demand and are not stored in large quantities.